LOXOTEC develops products based on HOCL, a highly effective antimicrobial agent. All our products are produced and bottled in Austria and Germany. Our HOCL products rely on a trademark electrochemical production process which can be tailored to the specific requirements of the health care sector, the cosmetics market and for animal health applications. The products are safe and effective to promote wound and skin healing. The sprays and the gels also dermatological tested and certified as “excellent” by DermaTest GmbH.



• Made by using a trademark electrochemical activation process

• Non toxic to human/animal cells

• Free from antibiotics or steroids

• Effective against multidrug-resistant organisms, bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi

• Cost savings compared to antibiotic products

• Longer shelf life than competitors’ products

•Free of alcohol 


•All natural ingredients 





•Cuts, abrasions, lesions 

•Cosmetics and skin care 

•Skin irritations 

•Tattoo aftercare 

•Chronic wounds 

•Burn wounds 

•Diabetic wounds 

•Animal wound and skin care